Project V
Environmentally Preferred Purchasing

This project will encourage and support green purchasing efforts of the partners by taking advantage of economies scale, effective information sharing and education about acquisition and use of green products and services.

While purchasing is an acknowledged service function of all the partners, purchasing agents and departments can facilitate and encourage the purchase and use of green products and services by identifying best sources, getting good use and performance information, tapping into other purchasing information networks and sponsoring green purchasing seminars and training. Many climate change commitments include us of greener lighting, motors and HVAC equipment. Recycled content paper and other products are now more available at competitive prices especially considering the partners scaled up quantities.

The core team for green purchasing will include a purchasing rep form each of the partners and selected others representing the user groups. The group will work together to study current green purchasing activities. Although green purchasing success doesn’t necessary have the same measurable benefits as energy or waste reduction that can easily translate into $$ saved, green purchasing strategies can lead to cost savings and support for green partner commitments. Partners may or may not do joint purchasing but all will benefit from developing and sharing strategies to implement environmentally preferred purchasing in their organizations.