Project I
Mass Transit and Alternative Transportation Options

This project will encourage a partner coordinated approach to mass transit and alternative transportation use by partner employees and students (and others). Partners will combine efforts to evaluate programs  and will work with SORTA to increase ridership and make easy use options more readily available. Bicycle use and car sharing are other efforts that may be enhanced by partner teaming

Transportation is a major energy consumptive activity for partners involving thousands of employees, students, contractors/ service providers, vendors and suppliers, Climate change goals demand transportation improvements that result in lower use o fossil fuels and less travel generally. Better and more effective use of mass transit and trip sharing approaches can have a measurable positive impact on partner transportation energy use. Changing employee and student transportation uses will require creative strategies (including incentives and disincentives) and a team of individuals who understand partner activities and can develop doable programs to influence transportation use emphasizing saving energy and resources.

This project team will develop a plan/strategy for achieving specific and measurable changes in transportation use by employees and students. They will continue to work with partners to facilitate implementation of agreed on plans and strategies.