Project VI
Green Buildings/Energy Reduction

The purpose of this project is to encourage and support partner efforts to improve energy efficiency and performance of buildings currently in the partner inventory, most of which are older and were built when different standards were applicable. The focus will be on professional level audits, scaled up meet the ambitious requirements of climate changes initiatives. An additional component will involve training engineering and architecture students to conduct partial energy assessments of partner buildings at no cost to the partners.

The partners have extensive responsibilities for buildings and land including hundreds of buildings of all sizes and uses that are mission focused and often special purpose including many that house 24/7 operations. Energy efficiency improvements often need to apply special expertise and consider the specific uses of the buildings and land. Because of the large numbers of buildings involved, the time to complete the energy audits is likely to be long and the costs high. Using student teams will both shorten the time and reduce the costs.

Partners will convene a team consisting of architects, facilities managers and purchasing people from each institution in order to provide shared access to information and experience the partners have encountered during the challenges of retrofitting old buildings. The team will help the institutions establish priorities, share successful renovation strategies, leverage assistance and expertise of Duke Energy, and investigate performance contracting.