Project VII
Fleet Vehicle Options

This will be a tightly targeted initiative to accelerate the greening of partner fleets and internal fleet/transportation policies. Partner climate change commitments require serious evaluations of fleets and vehicles/transportation choices and conversion to greener options whenever feasible. Policies governing use of fleets can also have impact and reduce fossil fuel sue. By partnering and sharing fleet management strategies, partners can accelerate their current efforts.

Partners will designate a fleet team with a fleet management rep from each partner. This will be a professionally focused team looking at the best green fleet practices going on in green cities and working together to develop strategies to get greener faster. Fleet policies will be reviewed to reduce costs and fossil fuel use (e.g. downsizing when reasonable to do.). The energizer buggies (Xebra electric vehicles and Duke Energy electric car) may be an earlier, visible and more than symbolic message to employees and the community that partner efforts are serious.