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The Green Partnership for Greater Cincinnati:

Five Institutions Working Together For Sustainability


Cincinnati’s largest public institutions have teamed up with Duke Energy to collectively improve green practices and address climate change commitments. Due to the scale of these participating institutions, measurable improvements in environmental performance could have a substantial impact in Greater Cincinnati.


The Hamilton County Government, the City of Cincinnati, the University of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Public Schools and Duke Energy Ohio have formed the Green Partnership for Greater Cincinnati (GPGC), a new collaboration to share best practices and encourage the adoption and implementation of environmentally friendly policies by the partners.  The Green Partnership held its public launch on June 30, 2008 at 3PM in front of the solar panels at the Cincinnati Parks Administration Building at 950 Eden Park Drive.  At that event, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune, UC President Nancy Zimpher, CPS Superintendent Rosa Blackwell and Duke Energy Ohio President Sandra Meyer pledged to work together toward these goals.


Together the GPGC partners employ and educate tens of thousands of people, operate thousands of buildings and motor vehicles, and manage tens of thousands of acres of land. All five institutions already engage in a broad range of environmental programs, and each institution has specific expertise and resources in such areas as education, energy efficiency and recycling. GPGC has formed project teams comprised of employees from all of the partners to address eight priorities that will increase the sustainability of the partner organizations. These priorities are:


· Communication and outreach

· Comprehensive recycling initiative

· Green buildings and energy use reduction

· Use of mass transit and alternative transportation options

· Environmentally preferred purchasing

· Comprehensive environmental education

· Fleet vehicle options

· Land and water management best practices


Each team will develop specific projects to be implemented over the next 1-3 years. These projects will apply directly to the operations, programs and facilities owned and managed by the partner institutions. More than 100 people from the partner organizations helped set the project agenda and develop the specific team objectives to be shared at the partnership launch.


The GPGC gratefully acknowledges the support of the Duke Energy Foundation and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, which provided seed funding for the partnership’s work.