Project VI
Comprehensive Environmental Education

This project will link partner interests and resources to help the environmental educators both within the schools and in allied programs to:

 Focus efforts and increase efficiency when bringing community/partner resources into the schools and curriculum.

 Create a centralized resource for providing teachers with grade and content specific community resources.

 Link with ongoing efforts of the CPS Sustainable Design Committee.

 Better use the outdoors and real experience with nature to enhance student interest and performance. This could include after school environmental education programs organized in collaboration with the K-12 4H Extension Service. 4H has an existing, flexible environmental extension service that is ready and waiting to become a part of the Hamilton County education. They are already funded by the federal government for such activities.

 Have students help to increase their parentsí awareness of environmental concerns and opportunities in order to become more environmentally responsible. Examples could include awareness of Dukeís free energy efficiency kits and federal weatherization programs.