This project will encourage a partner coordinated approach to mass transit and alternative transportation use by partner employees and students (and others). Partners will combine efforts to evaluate programs and will work with SORTA to increase ridership and make easy use options are readily available More Details

Project I—Mass Transit and Alternative Transportation Options

Project List

Efforts for this project are targeted at GPGC communications both internally and externally. Internally the purpose will be to develop a structure that promotes easy communication among the members of each project team, among the various teams and between the teams and the steering committee. More Details

Project II—Communication and Outreach

This project will develop specific goals and targets for improving waste diversion within the partner institutions through coordinated efforts and better use of existing resources. The efforts will be focused on ways to improve compliance, more efficiently manage and collect recyclables, improve program targets at difficult-to-recycle materials, promote reuse of surplus equipment and supplies, and divert waste streams to more productive uses. More Details

Project III—Comprehensive Recycling Initiative

The purpose of this project is to encourage and support partner efforts to improve energy efficiency and performance of buildings currently in the partner inventory, most of which are older and were built when different standards were applicable. The focus will be on professional level audits, scaled up meet the ambitious requirements of climate changes initiatives. More Details

Project IV—Green Buildings/Energy Reduction

This project will encourage and support green purchasing efforts of the partners by taking advantage of economies of scale, effective information sharing and education about acquisition and use of green products and services. More Details

Project V—Environmentally Preferred Purchasing

This project will link partner interests and resources to help the environmental educators both within the schools and in allied programs.  More Details

Project VI—Comprehensive Environmental Education

This will be tightly targeted initiative to accelerate the greening of partner fleets and internal fleet/transportation polities. Partner climate change commitments require serious evaluations of fleets and vehicle/transportation choices and conversion to greener options whenever feasible. Policies governing use of fleets can also have impact and reduce fossil fuel use. More Details

Project VII—Fleet Vehicle Options

Partners will work with the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC), the Hamilton County soil Conservation Service and others to implement storm water best practices on public and other lands owned or managed by the partners, especially focused on reducing storm water impacts that contribute to combined and separate sewer overflows.  More Details

Project VIII—Land and Water Management Best Practices