Committee Members

Board of Advisors

Steering Committee

Project Teams

- Cathy Crain, VP (Ret) Scudder Stevens & Clerk. Cathy is on the Board of Directors of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, A Trustee of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, and was named Woman of the Year by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

- Tom Crain, Managing Director (Ret) Scudder Stevens & Clark, Cincinnati, OH. Tom is Chairman on the Board of Director of the Worldwatch Institute. He is active in a wide range of Cincinnati organizations.

- Eric Gruenstein, Professor of Molecular Genetics, Professor of Neuroscience & Director of the Center for Image Analysis at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Eric was trained in the area of global climate change by Al Gore and The Climate Project.

- Jody Grundy, Psychotherapist & Life & Leadership Coach. Jody is an environmental activist and founder of several community projects dedicated to green principles and sustainability: Rural Resources; O.E.F.F.A. (Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association); Citizens for a Better Goshen; Community Gardens in partnership with the Cincinnati Civic Garden Center & Regional Tailgate Markets.

- Terry Grundy, United Way of Greater Cincinnati. Terry is Director of the Vibrant Neighborhoods and Community Vision Council.

- H.C. Buck Niehoff, Partner (Ret) Peck, Schffer & Williams. Buck is one of Cincinnatiís most notable philanthropists and civic activists. He is Chairman of the University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees and has been a benefactor of the Mercantile Library, Findley Market and the Cincinnati Museum Center.

- Jeff Aluotto, Assistant Hamilton County Administrator

- Larry Falkin, Director of the City of Cincinnati Office of Environmental Quality

- John Stowell, VP for Environment, Health & Safety, Duke Energy

- Mariann Quinn, Director of Environmental Policy, Duke Energy

- Jody Grundy, Representative to the Committee from the Board of Advisors

- Eric Gruenstein, Coordinator, Green Partnership for Greater Cincinnati

- Bob Knight, Project Manager, GBBN Architects & Cincinnati Public Schools Representative

- Bill Berger, Associate Coordinator, Green Partnership for Greater Cincinnati

- Beth McGrew, Associate VP for Planning, Design & Building, University of Cincinnati

- Gordon Garner, Project Facilitator for Green Partnership of Greater Cincinnati, Louisville and
†† Lexington, KY

- Brewster Rhoads, State of Ohio, Ex Officio Advisor to the Green Partnership for Greater†
† Cincinnati

 Mass transit and alternative transportation options

 Communication and outreach

 Comprehensive recycling initiative

 Green buildings/energy reduction

 Environmentally preferred purchasing

 Comprehensive environmental education

 Fleet vehicle options

 Land and water management best practices