Mission & Principles

GPGC Statement of Environmental Principles

PREAMBLE: As stewards of the five Partner Organizations and of all their resources, we understand the interdependence of humans with the environment. We must apply thoughtful and creative planning to achieve a thriving economy built on the principle that we can meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We must foster conservation, pollution prevention and restoration of ecosystems with both public policy and personal behavior. We must promote a common agenda for Greater Cincinnati as a green community, preserve and enhance the quality of life for our citizens and future generations, and widen recognition of the importance of good stewardship of the community’s natural resources.

Energy Use
We will conserve energy and improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, vehicles, and equipment and the goods and services we use. We will use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources, while achieving savings. We will increase our use of energy from renewable sources.

Reduction and Disposal of Wastes
We will combine resources to reduce or eliminate waste through source reduction, reuse and recycling for our own facilities and operations. We will handle and dispose all waste using safe and responsible methods.

Environmental Education
Through environmental education we are committed to developing and supporting environmentally literate citizens. We will involve colleagues, students and citizens in demonstrating the ability to implement these principles.

Design and Management of the Built Environment
We will design, build, restore and manage our facilities and neighborhoods in ways that promote and protect health and safety. We will use school campuses, Partner buildings and lands as settings for learning. We will promote the certification of buildings to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards.

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing
We will pool our knowledge and resources to purchase green products and services. We will work with our suppliers to adopt sustainable approaches and solutions. We will partner to create a stronger market for environmentally friendly and regionally produced products and services.

Sustainable Use and Protection of Natural Resources
We will value and conserve natural resources and will seek to preserve and make sustainable use of our air, water, soils and forests. We will protect and conserve non-renewable natural resources through efficient use, careful planning and collaborative land management programs. We will reduce use of substances that may cause environmental damage to the air, water, earth or its inhabitants. We will safeguard all habitats affected by our facilities and operations, especially the public lands we manage, while promoting biological diversity. We will conserve open spaces through comprehensive planning.

Land and Water Management
We will promote natural areas for biological diversity, protect areas along streams and water bodies, and plant with native species. We will enhance, enlarge and protect our urban forests. We will practice responsible water use.

We will work to reduce vehicle miles traveled in the community, by promoting the use of public transportation and energy efficient vehicle. We will support the development of pedestrian and bicycle-friendly pathways and an effective public transit system.

Leadership Commitment and Measures
We will implement these Principles by demonstrating community leadership, collaborative planning and by adopting best environmental practices. We will establish goals, objectives, and indicators; conduct an annual self-evaluation of our progress; and jointly issue a public report.