Taking Root: A Re-Forestation Initiative

The ‘Taking Root’ project is an initiative started by the Green Partnership for Greater Cincinnati (GPGC) to replace trees lost in the region due to drought, insect damage, and other factors. Taking Root began as a reforesting initiative in 2012 when Duke Energy donated $10,000 to the GPGC.

Land and Water Management Best Practices

Partners will work with the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC), the Hamilton County Soil Conservation Service and others to implement storm water best practices on public and other lands owned or managed by the partners, especially focused on reducing storm water impacts that contribute to combined and separate sewer overflows.

Green Bits Radio Spots

Green Bits are public service announcements designed to share information about different ways that individuals can join the effort to keep Cincinnati green.

Rainwater Harvesting

On April 10, 2013, our community realized a vision for greener buildings. Building owners in the City of Cincinnati now have a prescriptive method for harvesting rainwater from the buildings' roofs, and reusing that water for non-potable use inside their buildings. The Green Partnership for Greater Cincinnati (GCGP) led and facilitated this project. The project was completed through multiple departments within the City of Cincinnati. The project's success is the result of many supporting organizations and key people.