Taking Root: A Re-Forestation Initiative

Cincinnati’s trees provide its neighborhoods with better air and water quality, increased property values, and shelter for plants and animals. A recent study by the Cincinnati Parks Board found that every year our trees save residents over $4 million in energy costs. Saving energy is just one way trees function as green infrastructure.

But today our trees are under attack. Invasive species such as the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Long-horned Beetle are eating through Greater Cincinnati’s tree canopy. Cincinnati now faces a possible loss of 40% of its trees. The threat of invasive species coupled with climate changes makes reforestation a priority for the city and the greater region.

Enter the Green Partnership for Greater Cincinnati’s (GPGC’s) ‘Taking Root’ project. Call to Action Statement is a response to past tree loss in Cincinnati’s regional tree canopy and future threats to our trees.  The campaign also seeks to recognize the benefits trees provide to Greater Cincinnati. The GPGC has joined with OKI, Green Umbrella, and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden in an effort to plant two million trees in the region by 2020.  For more infomation, go to

 This is the mission statement:
“Taking Root is a collaborative and broad-based campaign to address the historic loss of our region’s tree canopy by planting trees, better managing our local forests, promoting the many benefits of healthy trees, and fostering a sense of stewardship among individuals and communities.”

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