Project III
Comprehensive Recycling Initiative

This project will develop specific goals and targets for improving waste diversion within the partner institutions through coordinated efforts and better use and better use of existing resources. The efforts will be focused on ways to improve compliance, more efficiently manage and collect recyclables, improve programs targeted at difficult-to-recycle materials, promote reuse of surplus equipment and supplies, and divert waste streams to more productive uses.

It has been reported by Rumpke that 60% of what now goes to their landfills is recyclable or reusable with current technologies and programs. Many institutions have accomplished waste diversion of 30-50%. And a few have adopted 100% waste diversion goals!! Even 30% is much higher than is the norm in the greater Cincinnati area. All partners have existing recycling programs but all acknowledge that there is plenty of opportunity to increase and improve recycling and waste diversion programs. Many program costs can be offset by income derived from more efficient and effective collection and processing of recyclables for markets.

A partner team will be formed with individuals who have direct or indirect responsibilities for waste management and recycling. An important aspect of this project will be to identify and implement techniques by which employees and students can be motivated to participate in existing and future recycling initiatives.